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Transparent Desktop

This free tool lets you make your desktop appear transparent.
It doesn't actually make your monitor seethrough, it just gives the illusion that it is.

On a laptopOn a phoneOn a hand held consoleOn a digital photo frameOn paper

Transparent desktop images have been around for  many years. But until now, there was not an easy way to create them.

Some methods only work if you take your picture straight on. Others requre time spent in a photo editing program cropping and skewing the image to match. All of them require fiddling about.

Transparent Desktop allows you to create the image using a few clicks. Our software detects your monitor and produces the image you need, leaving you free to concentrate on your subject matter.

Transparent Desktop is currently only available for Windows (XP onwards) but can be used to create the effect on other devices using the manual options in the software. With a bit of creativity it can be used on anything that displays an image. Mobile phones, hand held games, it can even be created using paper..

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